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Rafflecopter Giveaway: Samsung Rugby® Smart Android Smartphone

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Elegant and sturdy Samsung Rugby Smart I847 is introduced by AT&T in the US market to cater those people who use their phones in various weather conditions especially in wet areas such rainy areas, beaches, swimming pools etc., this device is very handy as it is dustproof and shockproof and it is the only smart phone that meets the US Military Standards. Of course we wouldn’t throw the phone in the fire or drop it from 2 floors but we come across many scenarios such as dropping a phone from the pant pocket on a concrete surface while get off from the car or rushing towards an elevator. I don’t have to explain more as one drops a phone or coffee spill over a phone and ended up replacing after paying hefty charges or buying a new phone and spend hours to restore key information and install applications all over again. Let us discuss about home makers with young kids who prefer flip-flop phone as against smart phones just because they often use water or cream or oil so the chances of dropping or scratching or even spoiling the phone is much higher. Besides infants and toddlers expect attention from their parents all the time and they don’t like their parents being over the phone for few minutes and they tend to pull the phone or dropping it and worse even, pick up the phone without their knowledge of their parents and try to imitate parents by pressing all buttons at once or spill water or sliver over it. In these circumstances can a home loving mom afford to buy or replace a phone every month? Or live with additional stress by taking care of the most important device in today’s modern world? NO WAY! Solution…. Simple, just visit AT&T and get a Samsung Rugby Smart with a contract and data plan, then you’ll appreciate us for helping you to take a wise decision.

Why Samsung Rugby Smart

Honestly my husband’s first Smart Phone with Android OS and naturally he spent a lot of time as he couldn’t stop using it and comparing with other Android Phones and not to mention he never stayed alone to learn all new things because he didn’t have to worry about the device as Kabil never let him sit alone as he is always with him and that’s the beauty of Samsung Rugby Smart

It’s TOUGH as it sounds

As it sounds – RUGBY, it’s really tough and sturdy as you’ll appreciate by watching the video below. It’s got a unique surface, which can resist against tough atmosphere and could survive in up to 1 meter depth of water for up to 30 minutes and can withstand high temperatures for few minutes or it can stay intact even if it is dropped from as high as 20 feet or so. More than that, as it can withstand if it is run over by a car or a truck. Can you believe it? It’s TRUE!


These features make it the best choice for all who work or live in challenging natures of job or simply taking care of infants or toddlers, where other smartphone could never survive. OK, how about this phone features? Do we comprise with fewer features than any of the bestselling smart phones?
NO, let us go through its configuration and what it can do. This Rugby Smart has 3.7 inches Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen with vivid 16 million bright colors of 480 x 800 display. The screen appears bright and sharp with enough visual ability in sun shine.

External Look and Feel

Apart from the regular buttons and cameras on both front and back sides, its USB port and conventional 3.5 mm jack ports are set very deep with covers to close completely so that it can withstand water and other harsh conditions such as mud, dust and moisture conditions. The surface texture is unique which you can watch and know more from the video below, it gives a very good grip when you use phone when your hands are dirty or oily or watery.

User Friendly Interface

With touch sensitive controls, this smartphone is providing multi-touch capability. Along with vibration, MP3 and WAV ringtones alert types, it has loudspeaker and 3.5mm jack for headphone, so it allows music lover to enjoy their favorite songs, which can be heard even it is submerged under water. Ha! Ha! Then you may ask about the memory, don’t worry as it has got a built-in free memory of about 1.5 GB before installing any applications and it can support up to 32 GB


Samsung Rugby Smart I847 is running on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system and it is powered by accelerometer, proximity, compass sensors. The Rear Camera comes with 5 MP Autofocus, which provides image quality of 2592 x 1944 pixels. LED flash is available for light support and the camera is featured with Geo-tagging and touch focus features so you can store the information of both longitude and latitude so when you send it to others they can relate it on where it’s taken. The 720p video capability is great for those who love to share videos on social networks. As you know Gingerbread supports Video Conferencing and so this phone supports by having a front face camera, which has 1.3 MP good enough for video calling. Samsung designed this phone carefully as if it gives with higher resolution then the picture quality will be of still image as 1.3 MB is good enough for 3G or 4G networks. I like the switching camera feature by sliding a button in the camera view, which allows you to take a picture of your loved ones and take a picture of yourself without turning the phone towards you


Browsing internet is a pleasure as it is bundled with full HTML and Adobe Flash; it is with A-GPS support and java MIDP emulator. Latest features are available such as SNS integration, MP4, MP3, organizer, voice memo/ dial/ commands, Image/video editor, document viewer, Maps, Google Search, GMail, Google Talk, YouTube, Mobile TV and other Standard Features from AT&T and Picasa integration.

You can customize the home screen and you can prioritize the order of other screens by drag them and add or remove wedges by drag and drop as well


Wait a minute! How about its performance when it loads with so many features? Yes, it can handle it as it comes with 1.4GHz Processor and 512 MB RAM besides it’s got a dashboard which tells you that number of applications that you are running and the color changes from green to red as the number of applications increases, so we can control the phone performance nicely. Finally the battery, although it comes with a 1650mAH battery, you need to charge it every day, which I’d say it’s a setback. My husband charges the battery everyday so he doesn’t bother too much about it

Samsung Rugby Smart is available at AT&T for $449.99 at No Commitment or you can have it for $99.99 with 2-yr Contract with qualifying monthly data plan

It’s hilarious to watch how fast Kabil learns to use the touchscreen from his dad by watching this video!

Disclaimer: : I received one or two products to review, and AT&T is providing it for the giveaway. All opinions provided in this post are honest and my own. I was compensated monetarily for this review.

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225 Responses to “Rafflecopter Giveaway: Samsung Rugby® Smart Android Smartphone”
  1. 201
    kat says:

    Well I’ve never dropped a phone down the loo, or cracked the screen or lost one or anything. My phone does have a big nasty splodge from dead pixels though.

  2. 202
    laura says:

    It fell into a port o potty. Sigh.

  3. 203
    Marie Howard says:

    i don’t have a phone cuz mine died two months ago-so thats the worst

  4. 204
    Christina Perry says:

    I forget I have it on my lap and when I get out of the car it hit the cement and fell in a puddle

  5. 205
    Michele Amos says:

    After constantly telling my kids to please be careful when using my phone, I was the one who dropped it and shattered the screen. I had to cover the screen with clear shipping tape so I could still use it. Had to use it like that for nearly a year until I was eligible for an upgrade. I refused to pay more for a new screen than I paid for the whole phone itself.

  6. 206
    Helen Keeler says:

    The worst thing that’s happened to my cell phone was I dropped it into a glass of soda and fried it.

  7. 207
    Amy says:

    Mine fell in a cup of tea one time. :( My mom has the old rugby flip phone and she accidentally drops it ALL the time!

  8. 208
    Rowena V. says:

    Worst thing that happened to my cell phone was it falling in the the toilet.

  9. 209
    Rowena V. says:

    Liked the blog post

  10. 210
    Rowena V. says:

    Like mom’s focus on facebook

  11. 211
    Stephanie Powell says:

    my touch screen decided it didn’t want to work anymore

  12. 212
    Lisa L says:

    I dropped my phone on the subway train tracks before. Ugh. I could see it right there & could do nothing.

  13. 213

    My son dropped his in the toilet (and he’s 28)

  14. 214
    Devona Fryer says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad I won! What a blessing, this is so needed. God is good!

  15. 215
    Jarrett says:

    My phone was great at first until I dropped it from less that 2ft high. The screen cracked everywhere. I kept on using the phone despite all of the problems I had. Then the glass on the screen started falling out. Once about half of the glass was gone I went ahead and took the glass off. Now the touch screen doesn’t work and I have to use the slide out keypad to navigate around. Also the screen it barely visible even with no sun glare. I need a new phone desperately but I can’t afford a new one. The Samsung Rugby Smart would be perfect because I am an outdoors man. I am an Eagle Scout so I go camping a lot, and I also love to fish and hunt as well.


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