Friday, July 1, 2016

Rafflecopter Giveaway: $25 Walmart Gift Card from (closed)

Views :19327, the leading online discounted gift card exchange, enables customers to buy gift cards and save close to 35% on their gift card purchases. Cheap Gift Cards is the best way to save money. Customers who buy gift cards at a discount can combine the savings with any other coupons they may have. We sell gift cards from most major national retailers. CardCash has two gift card markets, one market is where we buyback unwanted gift cards and give cash for unused gift cards. According to a recent study, there are close to 60 billion dollars of unwanted and unused gift cards collecting dust in the United States. reaches out to millions of Americans and offers to buy their gift cards and gives them Cash for their Cards. See our Sell Gift Cards Page for more information. We then verify the gift cards extensively, and sell them at a discount to consumers. We guarantee all transactions for 45 days from the date of purchase. Shop with confidence that all your transactions are secure. CardCash is accredited Better Business Bureau Company with an A+ Rating. We accept PayPal, Credit Card, and ACH as methods of payment. Have a question, call our sales team at 800- CASH-214 or check out our about us or faq’s page.

Before, I was not happy with few websites to trade unwanted card as we have to pay more than 3%. It’s safe to trade for any card available on the site for a minimal transaction fee as low as 3%!

Do you have money for Valentine’s Day gifts? You can take unwanted holiday gift cards and turn them in for cash, or swap them for gift cards to buy something you want for your loved ones at How much cash can you get? What cards are people turning in and what cards are in demand for Valentine’s Day?

Reasons gift card was not used:

  • 58% of consumers do not have time to shop.
  • 35% stated they did not find anything that they want to buy.
  • 32% of the people that did not use the gift card stated they forgot about it.
  • 7% will not redeem the card because it is lost or expired

    Trade with us in a few simple steps:

1.Buy any card(s) from our site that has a equal or greater face value than the card you want to trade.
2.Write down your order number.
3.Pay for it with paypal and have the cards shipped to a paypal confirmed address.
4.Your new cards are shipped out.
5.Review the three options below and fill out the trade from within 24 hours of purchase.
6.Receive an email with shipping instructions to mail in you cards.
7.Once received and we validate your cards, your paypal account will be credited for the trade amount less the transaction fee

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234 Responses to “Rafflecopter Giveaway: $25 Walmart Gift Card from (closed)”
  1. 201
    Annie Adams says:

    i liked the discounted prices

  2. 202
    Ann B says:

    I learned this:
    Due to governmental intervention most merchants removed any expiration date from their gift cards

  3. 203
    David says:

    paypal deposits within 1-2 days

  4. 204
    cole says:

    I like that they take itunes cards. some services dont

  5. 205
    Maria Balmeo says:

    free shipping.


  6. 206
    Austin Baroudi says:

    I like them fact that they’ll compensate you for your unwanted giftcards!!!

  7. 207
  8. 208
    Erin from Long Island says:

    All orders are generally processed and shipped within 24 hours. The actual delivery time varies upon your location.

  9. 209
    rageena says:

    I like that they offer the merchants that the other giftcard sites don’t, like Amazon

  10. 210

    I can sell gift cards that I win in the penny auctions there, awesome! I joined!

  11. 211
    Jennifer T. says:

    I learned that in some states no gift cards may have an expiration date.

  12. 212
    Gianna says:

    You can get free shipping.

  13. 213
    Sheryl says:

    You can safe around 35% buying a gift card from them and they are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau.

  14. 214
    JD Blosser says:

    They have two gift card markets, very handy!

  15. 215
    Kathie L says:

    oooh 20% off J Jill!!

  16. 216
    Katy M says:

    I like that I can trade gift cards, too!


  17. 217
    Holly Thomas says:

    That you could sell your gift cards!

  18. 218
    Rita A says:

    You can get a discount on buying cards.

  19. 219
    desiree grubbs says:

    free shipping is awesome!

  20. 220
    amanda says:

    I like that they have free shipping

    Also your button is on my blog

  21. 221
    Heather! says:

    Wow! I learned that most retailers no longer include an expiration date on their gift cards, thanks to the U.S. government! That’s fantastic; after all, a GIFT shouldn’t expire!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  22. 222
    Heather! says:

    I have your button!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  23. 223
    Lisa L says:

    I learned that prior to purchasing a card from a seller, CardCash requires the seller to be verified member of “PAYPAL” or performs a thorough security check on the seller.

  24. 224
    jeanne conner says:

    I like how cheap you can get these..

  25. 225
    Melissa Shirley says:

    You can sell your unwanted gift cards

  26. 226
    Heather Poindexter says:

    Wow, I have two giftcards from Kohls and they will buy them.

  27. 227
    trixx says:

    I learned that CardCash is accredited by the Better Business Bureau for its outstanding customer service

  28. 228
    Janackeh says:

    I learned that you can trade unwanted gift cards for amazon gift cards

  29. 229
    Michelle Spayde says:

    I learned that you can sell a card, and receive payment via Paypal.

  30. 230
    Coriander Warren says:

    I learned you can sell your unused gift cards for cash!


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