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Book Review: Choo Choo! Summer Time Fun Promotion with Dinosaur Train!!

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Summertime is here and what better way to spend the summer with family and friends than on an adventure to visit one of our national parks and/or recreation destinations.  July is Park and Recreation Month in the U.S., and the theme for this year’s celebration is “Rock Your Park.”   The National Park and Recreation Association wants you to show the country how parks and recreation make your life extraordinary! Whether it is visiting your local park, a playground, swimming pool, or taking a family trip to one of our national park treasures, celebrate our country’s love of the great outdoors this month!

You can also turn your visit to the local park into a game by participating in the Dinosaur Train Geocache Challenge.  Geocaching is a family friendly outdoor adventure that blends technology, gaming and environmental discovery. Each geocache features one of the dinosaurs found on the online Dinosaur Train Field Guide and contains educational information related to that dinosaur.  So, perhaps pick your local park as a destination to hide your own Dinosaur Train container.

Buddy and his friends on the Dinosaur Train are always up for an adventure and exploring the world around them.  Why not take them along on your adventure to the park or camping or on a family road trip with all-new fun and easy travel product for camping/outdoors, new games and fun to read books to pack on your adventure!

  • New book from Reader’s Digest: Dinosaur Train Lift the Flap “Let’s Go To Volcano Valley” (SRP: $9.99). Ages 2+.
  • New Dinosaur Train product for camping adventures Pacific Playtents (available in October) includes: the Dinosaur Train Station House Tent (SRP: $89.90); Dinosaur Train Dino Bones Dome Tent ($59.90); Dinosaur Train Dino Bones Tunnel ($59.90).  Ages 3+.
  • New Dinosaur Train soft sporting fun from Kelly Toy: Play All Ball (SRP: $1.99), Bat + Ball (SRP: $9.99), Golf (SRP: $14.99), Football (SRP: $6.99), Baseball Mitt set (SRP: $7.99) and more. Ages 3+.
  • New Dinosaur Train 3-Wheel Scooter in colorful buddy and friends graphics, from VM Global. SRP$24.99. Ages 3+.
  • New Dinosaur Train game from Patch Products: “Take “N” Play Anywhere™ Let’s Go for a Ride! Magnetic Playset. SRP: $14.99.  Ages 3+

And, Buddy will also be spending time in the great outdoors in July. Tune in on July 4th to Dinosaur Train on PBS KIDS (check local listings) in the adventurous episode “Buddy the Tracker.” In the episode, Buddy and Don are “footprint detectives” as they track and find creatures they know at the Big Pond. The plot thickens when they discover fossilized tracks that are millions of years old!

Although the summer vacation comes to an end in August, fun with Dinosaur Train continues!  Get ready for an all-new season of Dinosaur Train this August with “Dinosaur Big City” on PBS Kids premieres August 22 and the DVD release of Dinosaur Train: Dinosaur Big City on August 23 (SRP: $14.99).

Dinosaur Train Lift-the-Flap Let’s Go to Volcano Valley is very interesting for preschoolers to tell what Buddy, the adorable preschooler Tyrannosaurus Rex explore world. It is easy for both parents and teachers to explain how volcano look by flapping to lift up. They can study and understand by looking at the colorul pictures and lifting up more then 40 flaps. How cool? It’s great for summer reading and little kids can read again and again

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    Kristen says:

    Stopping by with my toolbar on from the Alexa Drop Hop! Would love a visit back :)

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    Thanks for the book review. Very informative and you made it seem like fun. Rita Spratlen

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    hemp says:

    So when it comes to planning a surprise for Father s Day it wasn t hard for me to get my children involved in the planning with a Dinosaur Train theme breakfast for dad!.If your children want to make plans for their dad s breakfast like we are they will enjoy this the Junior Conductor in which the Pteranadon Family enjoys eating breakfast on the Dinosaur Train. For your budding paleontologist help them dig up a dino-rific breakfast with these suggestions .

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    Marcie W. says:

    My son would love this book. He is 3 & starting to really love dinosaurs!

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