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4 New Words You Never Want to Hear: The Cancer Came Back

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The Importance of Always Getting A Second Opinion

It’s every parent’s nightmare: Your child has cancer. For Co-Founder Alex Ota, it happened twice.

After it was discovered at her daughter’s 9 month check-up that she had not gained a single pound since her six month well visit, red flags were raised. Her pediatrician felt around on her tiny belly and there appeared to be a mass of some sort. Blood tests confirmed something was amiss and the Ota family was told they would need to check into the hospital for three days.

Three turned into fifteen when it was discovered Emily had cancer.  Without a moment to digest the news, they were told their daughter needed surgery immediately. As Alex wrote in her story on, “When it was time to take Emily to surgery, instead of her going on “transport” Dr. Lam declared, “I’m going to carry her in” and he proceeded to pick her up, grab her blankie, and off he went. I will never forget the image of Emily looking at us over Dr. Lam’s shoulder as he went through the wide double doors and down the long, long hall to surgery.”

The surgery was a success with only a 15% chance the Neuroblastoma would return. A mere three months later while vacationing in Canada, the news they feared arrived: the cancer had returned.

Originally, the Otas were told Emily would need four rounds of chemo. As Alex said, “And then of course, we were given a lesson in chemotherapy–what exactly that means, the side effects (all I can remember as I walked out in a daze was the potential loss of fertility and hearing), what treatment will be like, the nausea, the precautions–how this would change all of our lives. It was numbing.”

Dr. Villablanca is a Oncologist specializing in Neuroblastoma–Dr. Stein was the surgeon,  they discovered instead, Emily would once again only need surgery! The surgery was a success and Emily is cancer free!

Had the Otas not sought a second opinion, their daughter would have unnecessarily gone through chemo! To read more of this amazing story, visit:

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3 Responses to “4 New Words You Never Want to Hear: The Cancer Came Back”
  1. 1
    Amy says:

    Thank you so much for drawing attention to this story. It is definitely a must read.

  2. 2
    Tammy Klain says:

    What a precious little angel! Cancer is an evil thing, as someone who has lost way to many family members to cancer I can sympathise with what this poor family had to go through. May Emily stay cancer free!


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